Liv Well+ Liver Protect

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660mg x 30 vege capsules

Our Secret
Deep Blue Health Liv Well+ contains herbal extracts and key antioxidant minerals carefully selected to create a comprehensive liver support formula.  Together these bioactive ingredients protect the liver while boosting its detoxifying actions and improving overall digestive health.

In today’s world, we are constantly exposed to pollutants, chemicals, toxins from our environment and in the foods and drinks we consume.  Liv Well+ contains Milk Thistle, Schisandra and Globe Artichoke, well-researched botanical extracts traditionally used to improve digestion by stimulating liver detoxification pathways and ensuring toxins and wastes are safely and efficiently removed from the body.  

Maintaining good liver function is essential to our overall health and is reflected in our skin, eyes and mental clarity.

Quality Guarantee
NZ laboratory quality tested. This product is made under internationally recognised HACCP Principles and Good Manufacturing Practices.

  • Each 660mg capsule contains extracts equivalent to: Milk Thistle seed 9800mg; Schisandra berry 7000mg; Globe Artichoke leaf 600mg; Dandelion root 400mg; Turmeric rhizome 100mg, Copper 500mg, Manganese 1000mg, Molybdenum 50mg and other encapsulating ingredients.
    No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

  • Take one capsule as daily maintenance or as professionally advised.

  • Do not use this product if you are pregnant or nursing. Consult your healthcare professional if you are trying to conceive or have a medical condition.


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Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person. Deep Blue Health uses whenever possible only active ingredients of New Zealand origin. The raw ingredients are carefully selected from reputable and trusted New Zealand suppliers. *For a few select products only the supply of active ingredients may be imported from other countries, however all finished products are produced in New Zealand manufacturing facilities.