Deer Blood

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New Zealand MadeGood Manufacturing Practice - NZExport Quality From New Zealand

1000mg x 90 soft gel capsules

Our Secret
Deep Blue Health Deer Blood is a potent source of natural haem iron, protein and amino acids. Sourced from premium deer farms in the South Island of New Zealand, our deer blood provides superior support for energy and strength.

Great for busy people with demanding work, athletes, students and those recovering from illness. Deer Blood is a daily dose of energy and strength and for optimal well-being and performance.

Quality Guarantee
NZ Laboratory quality tested. This product is made under internationally recognised HACCP Principles and Good Manufacturing Practices.

  • Each capsule contains 200mg of Deer Blood powder; 20mg of Ferrous Fumarate and encapsulating aids. No artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives.
  • Take two or three capsules daily as a dietary food supplement or as professionally advised.
  • Pregnant, breastfeeding or those on prescription medication should check with their doctor first
  • Q:  What is Haem Iron?
    A:   It is Iron that is already combined in a haemoglobin molecule, usually found in meat or blood products. Haemoglobin is the molecule that makes blood red and is responsible for carrying the oxygen throughout your body.

    Q:  What is anaemia?
    A:  Anaemia is a lack of red blood cells, usually because there is not enough Iron available for the production of haemoglobin.

    Q:  How can I support my natural Iron absorption?
    A:  Vitamin C and Vitamin B12 can assist with the absorption of Iron.  Caffeine can reduce the absorption of Iron and other minerals, so avoid drinking tea and coffee within an hour of meal times.

    Q:  How long before I can expect to feel better?
    A:  That depends on many factors, but if you do not start to feel more energized within a month, you should consult your doctor.

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Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person. Deep Blue Health uses whenever possible active ingredients of New Zealand origin. The raw ingredients are carefully selected from reputable and trusted New Zealand suppliers. Some select products are made from imported ingredients, however all finished products are formulated and manufactured in New Zealand.