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1000mg x 30, 60 or 90 capsules

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Health Benefits of Flax Seed Oil

Flax Seed Oil is a potent source of Omega 3 and is great for optimum health and well-being. It is beneficial for cardiovascular health and also for skin health.

About Flax Seed Oil
Deep Blue Health Flax Seed Oil is harvested from the fertile Canterbury Plains of New Zealand. Well known and valued by many cultures, Flax Seed Oil is a rich plant-based source of the essential fatty acids, Omega 3.

Quality Guarantee
NZ Laboratory quality tested. This product is produced under internationally recognised HACCP Principles and Good Manufacturing Practices.

Read more about the health benefits of Flax Seed Oil.

  • Each capsule contains 1000mg of pure flaxseed oil.
  • Take two or three capsules daily as a dietary food supplement or as professionally advised.
  • If on prescription medication, especially Warfarin or blood thinner medication, check with your doctor first.
  • Q:  What are essential fatty acids (EFA's)?
    Essential fatty acids cannot be produced in the body, so must be consumed through food or supplements.

    Q:  How is the Flax Seed Oil related to the NZ Flax bush?
    The flax plant is a small shrub with blue flowers originally grown in Egypt and used for medical purposes.  The two plants are very different.

    Q:  Is Flax Seed Oil the same as Linseed oil?
    Flax seeds and linseeds are the same, but Flax Seed Oil is the edible version.  Linseed oil is highly processed and toxic to humans.

    Q:  Does Flax Seed Oil have a taste?
    It has a slightly nutty taste that can be quite pleasant.

    Q:  How long before I notice an improvement?
    You should notice stronger nails, shiny hair and softer skin within four weeks.
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