October 17, 2013

World First Halal Certified Sheep Placenta

We are often asked if our Sheep Placenta extract has Halal Status, the short answer is yes, it does!

This is a world first! Not only is New Zealand one of the few places in the world that is TSE free; our sheep are pasture raised and extremely healthy, but we can now offer Halal Certified Sheep Placenta products. In fact, both the soft gelatin capsule and the ingredients have Halal status.

We live in a global village. Our products are used throughout the world by a wide variety of people from many races and cultures. As such we are aware of the need to cater to all our customers. Providing Halal Certified products is one way that we can provide peace of mind to our Islamic customers wherever they may be.

Deep Blue Health Natural Sheep Placenta is truly one of Nature’s unique gifts: for centuries Sheep Placenta has been revered as a potent source of beauty and anti-aging nutrients. Used to restore general health and vitality, this rich supplement can nourish cells and reduce the signs of aging.

Strictly speaking our sheep placenta extract does not need Halal certification because it is a product of live births and no animal is slaughtered when the placenta is harvested. In this case it is the processing plant itself and the processes used that have to meet the high standards required by the Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand (FIANZ). Halal certification means that every precaution has been taken to prevent contamination with non-halal foods.

New Zealand’s lush, open pastures produce some of the world’s healthiest livestock. The placentas are harvested and immediately processed to preserve the nutritional content. Our processing plant is continually developing the extraction process and refining its methods. Now, the extraction method has now been refined to the point where the process meets the strict criteria required for Halal Accreditation. The tissue is treated in a manner permitted by FIANZ and no contamination is possible because all non-halal products are kept physically apart at all times. Separate processing rooms, equipment and storage areas are used.

At all times during handling, processing and storage the fresh tissue and the extract are treated according to Islamic law and are therefore suitable for consumption by Muslims in any part of the world.

Respect for our customers is an unwritten rule at Deep Blue Health; we strive to make goods that are free from pollutants and contamination of any type.

Now we have the best of both worlds; New Zealand origin and Halal Certification!